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Norwegian industry, known for its safe, robust, reliable and energy efficient solutions, have a competitive edge and best available technologies within offshore oil & gas and renewable capabilities, with the increasing awareness around climate change.

Norwegian Energy Partners (NORWEP) is a non-profit network-based organisation, facilitating dialogue between energy companies, technology suppliers, service companies and the government. NORWEP’s primary objective is to promote Norwegian energy industry in overseas markets and provide market information to our partners.

This database covering Norwegian world-class technology and competence started as part of the “Arctic and Cold Climate Solutions” project.

The “Arctic and cold climate solutions” project is a joint national project to strengthen Norwegian arctic offshore maritime and petroleum-related technology and competence, under NORWEP leadership and widely supported by Norwegian authorities and industry.

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More about “Arctic and Cold Climate Solutions” project

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A project to strengthen Norwegian Arctic offshore maritime and petroleum related technology and competence

The project aimed to facilitate the Norwegian industry, by delivering world-class technology, experience and solutions for arctic and cold climate capital development projects.

Both offshore technology and onshore coastal facilities as LNG plants and terminals in Arctic waters are included, as well as related offshore maritime activities.