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CoreAll is a Norwegian technology development company and service provider working on the next generation core drilling solutions.

Core drilling has been a central part of petroleum exploration drilling for many decades. The extraction of rock core samples from subsurface formations provide essential information about the reservoir potential and rock properties, vital for analyzing the reservoir and planning field developments and drainage strategies. However, despite the wealth of operational experience gathered over time, some significant challenges still linger. This includes considerable time lag between drilling and logging of formation properties; time-consuming round trips; and lack of control over downhole dynamics. CoreAll's Intelligent Coring System addresses these shortcomings.

The Intelligent Coring System (ICS) is designed as a fully instrumented core drilling assembly, complete with real-time transmission of data to surface. The technology has been patented in multiple countries, and features a novel Logging While Coring (LWC) module that provide real-time formation and fluid data while coring. The current version comprises real time gamma ray, on-core high resolution resistivity, and downhole diagnostics such as core jamming indicators and vibration. The Intelligent Coring System is among the first core drilling technologies to provide any kind of downhole instrumentation with real time transmission to surface. A complimentary technology currently being developed will allow the same assembly to be used for both coring and short distance full diameter drilling, potentially eliminating several round trips in each well. This will reduce the operational cost of exploration wells.


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