About FielDAQ AS

FielDAQ is a global leader in advanced Data Acquisition systems for both Software & Hardware in the O&G industry. The innovative designs offer many advantages to our customers. The unique technology optimizes, increase flexibility and make Data Acquisition easier to use, safer and more cost effective for users. By focusing on quality, we not only comply with the highest industry standards, we set the standard. Our in‐house design, manufacturing and testing is a fully integrated in the organization, all located in Sola, Norway. This ensures full control, guaranteeing high quality products and on‐time deliveries. FielDAQ have a significant growth in popularity and recognition and is now serving satisfied customers and clients in Norway, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Egypt, Algeria, Kuwait and more.


Scandas Server (Software) is a cutting-edge universal data acquisition software that allows to acquire, log and trend data from any device that supports Modbus/ASCII, WITS <WITSML/> and other protocols in the industry. ScanDas has been built with performance and the intuitive user interface is balanced between simplicity and flexibility with minimum configuration from the user. The seamless configuration allow for usage in frequent projects with the same device, this makes ScanDas very beneficial and advantageous in ; Well testing, Sand Management System, Pumping Unit, Coiled tubing, Platform Monitoring, Early Production Facility, Drilling and in General Industry. Scandas can be used in the office or onshore to view data from the field remotely ready to distribute the data gathered to other clients over the local network or the internet.

Data acquisition logger (hardware) is designed with single core cable instead of a mess of cables to read multiple sensors. The logger is equipped with redundancy and integrated HART communicator and can communicate with up to 250 Wireless HART transmitters at the same time both Analog and Digital channels, it can read Coriolis meters, Multiphase meters, Water Cut, Wet Gas Meters etc... The FielDAQ Smart Hybrid Logger is vendor agnostic which means it can read data from any manufacturers; Rosemont, ABB, Siemens, Endress, Honeywell etc. The Smart-logger is flexible and can be used with any 3rd party Software. The innovative system utilizing an increased efficiency and quick & safe rig up - where instruments do not need any CALIBRATION inside of the software of the instruments, because the variables are read directly from the brain of the transmitter. The technology automates the setup for new channels, save rig-up time and secure and eliminate the hassle of matching channel and the field junction box numbers. 



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