About Luminell

The Luminell Group is passionate about delivering critical light solutions for demanding use. We aim to create the industry standard in lighting, and to establish supportive and lasting relationships with users, partners, our staff and the community.

The Luminell RLX series of LED floodlights was the first of its kind, offering powerful and constant lighting despite the strain of extreme environments. The constant nature of sunlight is simulated through advanced LED-technology and optical performance, providing increased safety, practically no maintenance, and a longer lifetime of use. With a lifetime of more than 100,000 running hours and an 80% decrease in energy output, it is clear why the Luminell range of LED lights have become the first choice for many shipyards, ship designers, government bodies, and vessels carrying out critical work.

The Luminell Group has offices and production in Norway and Sweden where all Luminell products are proudly Scandinavian designed and manufactured. Today all Luminell products and solutions are sold globally.

Challenging the established, pushing the known boundaries of design and technology, and a sincere desire to help its users, has been, and is still the drive behind Luminell.

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Company contact

Kenneth Eilertsen

Sales Manager Energy


+47 913 22 023