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Seabed Separation AS has developed the Dual Pipe Separator (DPS) to be installed typically downstream a subsea template with the service to separate and decant the water that is flowing in the pipeline. The DPS is installed as a system that normally operates together with downstream pumps. The subsea installation consists of:

  • The Gas Harp that suppress the incoming flow (normally slug flow) and bypass the free gas from the DPS separator

  • A section with horizontal pipe that precondition the liquids before entering the DPS separator

  • A tilted DPS with an inlet section that expand from 6'' to 18'' splitting the oil and the water before the liquids enter the outer shell 

  • The decanted water exits the DPS at the bottom while the oil exits the top being commingled with the gas

  • The water is further removed using a water pump for re-injection or disposal

  • The oil and the gas is further boosted using a Multi Phase Pump (MPP)

The DPS system is currently designed for 3000 m water depth and 350 bar shut in pressure and by use of super Duplex alloy.

A newly conducted feasibility study for an oil field located at 400+ m water depth and a very long tie back having an initial production of approx. 60.000 BPD identified an IOR opportunity that could increase the revenue by 8-9 Billion NOK if the operational pressure was reduced from the initial 70 bar down to approx 20 bar. The water is re-injected and the oil and gas boosted back to the host.

The DPS system is easy scale able since each DPS is designed for 15.000 BPD. Parallel configuration of i.e. 4 DPS units is a 60.000 BPD unit. Another opportunity having parallel configuration is a design that allow single well testing in parallel with normal production. That increase the revenue since the wells are not shut in during testing and the accuracy in metering since each phase is single phase metering.

Seabed Separation AS

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Seabed Separation AS

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