About Target Intervention

Target Intervention is providing digital downhole tools solutions for coiled tubing. The Target products are fully electric operated tools, controlled from surface – this is a step change in expanding the capabilities, efficiency and reliability of coiled tubing well service operations

  • Complete digital offering that can stream data real-time to surface from across the section that is being stimulated/fractured/ tested/treated. Opportunity for operator to act instantly to the real-time data provided. Use data for long term planning to optimize future stimulation operations to increase overall recovery and reduce cost through optimization of chemical use

  • Significant increase in operational efficiency and reliability through automated and real-time tool control

  • Fully automated tools, no need to retrieve the tool to check integrity, ability to interface to other electric tools such as logging tools or select firing guns. Materially improved reliability.



Multi-set isolation tool for selective stimulation and chemical injections – continuous real-time reservoir data


Multi-cycle well test tool for real-time build-up shut in formation testing and acid stimulation /nitrogen lift capability in single run

TARGET EXPLORER™ Instrumentation Sub

Coiled tubing real-time instrumentation sub with high flow-through capability

Target Intervention

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