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Tschudi has been present in the northern areas of Norway and Russia since the early 1990s.  The Group’s position is further strengthened with the acquisition of the Syd-Varanger iron ore mine and adjacent port in Kirkenes. 

With vast experience and an extensive global network Tschudi offers a broad spectrum of services and is particularly familiar with operating in demanding environments:

- Oil and LNG STS transshipments at Honningsvåg and Kirkenes (the world’s largest LNG operation = over 20 million m3 LNG)

- Project cargoes via the Northern Sea Route (initiated the first non-Russian commercial voyage)

- Transport of aggregates from Kirkenes for sea and land-based constructions in Siberia

- Two work-tugs suited for oil spill preparedness, fish farming and marine infrastructure maintenance

- Port inspection and advisory services for ISPS implementation and oil pollution preparedness

- Port operation

- Reopening of an iron-ore mine in Kirkenes Efficient and reliable transportations are essential – even more so in challenging environments. Specialising in tailored door-to-door transportations, Tschudi Logistics is well prepared to deal with demanding situations.

Tschudi Ship Management manage and crew a wide-ranging portfolio of vessels. Our team has many years’ experience from operating in demanding environments including the offshore wind sector.

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Cold Climate & Harsh Environment

Cold Climate & Harsh Environment

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