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VisioNova is a house of expertise in the handling of facility information in projects, operations, maintenance and modifications. Our customers are mainly those who own and operate a facility, users of the solution also include those who supply the facility and the information to the operator. VisioNova has long experience in the oil and gas market, and we had the complete responsibility for information management on the Ivar Aasen project in Aker BP (formerly Det norske). When Okea acquired Draugen from Shell in 2018, Draugen implemented our solution Valid for handling of technical information and information logistics. Draugen has 350 regular users, and the solution is used by several contractors, it is full scale implemented, and is used in projects and operations. VisioNova Valid is designed for the cloud and for the future. One of the benefits for our customers is that the solution is quick to implement, the costs in operation are low, and it can be offered as a service / subscription. The solution is integrated through API’s with other solutions, such as 3D viewing, real-time data, maintenance systems, commissioning systems. We believe all industries have the potential to reduce costs in the area of ​​projects, operations and modifications, and that the use of data and efficient information flow is a facilitator to achieve these goals.

Top 10 Advantages of VisioNova Valid that leads to less cost and more efficiency;

1.No Application or Server Management

2.Easy to Implement

3.Support Work Processes

4.Simplifies Collaboration across Companies

5.Support Better and faster Decision Making, reduce Risks

6.Easy to Integrate with other Systems

7.User Friendly and Intuitive

8.Modular, choose between different software packages and API

integrations according to your needs

9.Customizable, configure according to your own requirements.

10.High Security and based on the latest technology available.


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