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GeoTool-Inject is a software and technical support service aimed at monitoring and analysing the behaviour of water injection wells for pressure support, disposal and fracking. It does so by allowing rapid extraction of relevant real-time information from the data acquired by the operator.


ClampOn DSP Well Collision Detector


The Well Collision Detector is designed to prevent collisions involving directional drilling within the proximity of existing wells. It provides operators with real-time data so that collision risk analsyis calculations are not the only factor determining the bit's proximity to existing wells.


ClampOn DSP Particle Monitor


The ClampOn DSP Particle Monitor sensor monitors sand through passive ultrasonic technology. It detects the ultrasonic signal that is generated by particles impacting the inside of the pipe wall, just after the pipeline bend where the sensor is installed. The instrument has onboard Digital Signal ...


FRAMO water injection pumps


FRAMO water injection pumping systems are the reliable way to increase reservoir pressure. The high-power stages are arranged back-to-back for balanced thrust forces, and the high-speed shaft operates well below first critical speed. The system is designed for minimal wear and tear and easy ...




The Seabox™ subsea water treatment module is installed on the seafloor, designed to treat 40 000 bpd of sea water for injection, directly into subsea wells or via topside. The Seabox™ module disinfects water and removes all solids down to 10 μm using electrolysis and long residence time. ...




The SWIT™ subsea water treatment and intake technology, with the Seabox™ module as its cornerstone, utilizes filtration and membrane technology to tailor raw seawater to reservoir requirements – particle-free, low salinity or low sulfate water. The SWIT™ technology reduces the need for ...


Solutions for oil flow-rate improvements


Aibel has extensive experience with utilities and separation systems upgrades, debottlenecking and water treatment system upgrades for oil flow-rate improvements. We provide tailor-made module facilities for platforms, where deliveries range from single modules to complete turnkey systems.

Billington Process Technology

BPT conceptual studies


BPT conceptual studies uses the “BPT Apps for process simulations” allowing capacity evaluation on a facility to be revealed as a capacity envelope for a variation of fluid variations, as well as for changes to geographically conditions. A high degree of automation allows the engineers to use ...