About Annular Integrity Testing

Some times the operator want to test the integrity of the annulus as part of a P&A or slot recovery programme.

HydraWell have the solution called Annular Integrity Testing (AIT); A dual swab cup assy w/ TCP guns is RIH. At the depth where the formation is believed to be squeezing against the casing, the guns are fired–typically 100ft apart–and the AIT tool is positioned to straddle lower sets of perfs. Fluid is then pumped into the annulus, and if the formation is holding, no return is seen on surface. The tool can then be disconnected and a balanced cement plug set on top to finalise the barrier.

Conventional methods consist of several runs to set bridge plugs and retriveable packers to perform testing. HydraWell´s AIT solution is a 1-trip system and can be done in less than one day.



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