About Apis Software Suite

Apis is a component based real-time industrial software suite with thousands of deployments across the energy sector. Apis supports a wide variety of communication protocols used in both energy, maritime and production sectors.

As OPC UA is an important building block in Industry 4.0, Apis have built in massive support for OPC UA enabling fully contextualized views of the OT data over a secured OPC UA information model.

OPC UA with scalable real-time support into cloud environments provides Plug&Play and Snap-in-place deployment of applications from edge to cloud and across enterprises. Having this low friction deployment method is releasing the power of innovation, while still maintaining standardization and avoiding vendor lock-in.



Technology readiness level (TRL) (According to API RP 17N)

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7



Company contact

Robin Welch

Business Development Director


+47 954 08 000