About Arctic capping stack

In the event of a well blow out, a “capping stack” is a piece of equipment that is placed over the blown-out well as a “cap”. Its purpose is to stop or redirect the flow of hydrocarbons and to provide time for engineers to permanently seal the well.

PSW Group is an approved vendor of capping stack service worldwide. Our arctic capping stack is rated for use in temperatures down to -29 degC, making it suitable for use in arctic regions. It is 24/7 operational, ready for mobilization, at a very competitive price.

Arctic capping stack key specifications:
• 18 ¾’’ bore
• Pressure rating - 10.000 psi
• Temperature rating - minus 29 degC (-20degF) to 121degC (250 degF)
• Water depth - 10.000 feet
• Weight - 85 tons
• Dimension (LxWxH) - 16 x 16,5 x 27,5 (ft)
• Designed according to API 17W



Technology readiness level (TRL) (According to API RP 17N)

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
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Cold Climate & Harsh Environment

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