ClampOn DSP Particle Monitor


The ClampOn DSP Particle Monitor sensor monitors sand through passive ultrasonic technology. It detects the ultrasonic signal that is generated by particles impacting the inside of the pipe wall, just after the pipeline bend where the sensor is installed. The instrument has onboard Digital Signal Processing (DSP) for analysing of the collected data and it sends real-time results to control system, giving the operator immediate warning when/if sand is being produced.

Operators are using particle monitors widely to increase production rate by finding a maximum sand free rate. By monitoring and evaluating the data in real-time, the operator can make immediate decisions to ensure safe production.

Catalog: IOR
Category: Reservoir management
Subcategory: Data acquisition and monitoring
Type: Product
Technology readiness level (TRL)
According to API RP 17N

TRL 7: Proven technology integrated into intended operating system. The technology has successfully operated with acceptable performance and reliability within the predefined criteria

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ClampOn DSP Particle Monitor