ClampOn DSP Well Collision Detector


The Well Collision Detector is designed to prevent collisions involving directional drilling within the proximity of existing wells. It provides operators with real-time data so that collision risk analsyis calculations are not the only factor determining the bit's proximity to existing wells.

The overall purpose of the Well Collision Detector is to prevent environmental damages caused by collisions and to help increase safe drilling speed and decrease downtime caused by collisions. The ClampOn DSP Well Collision Detector provides the operator with an advanced real-time collision monitoring system with minimal equipment and personnel requirements.

Catalog: IOR
Category: Reservoir management
Subcategory: Data acquisition and monitoring
Type: Product
Technology readiness level (TRL)
According to API RP 17N

TRL 7: Proven technology integrated into intended operating system. The technology has successfully operated with acceptable performance and reliability within the predefined criteria

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ClampOn DSP Well Collision Detector