About Contingency Subsea Hydraulic Power Unit (SHPU)

Subsea Smart Solutions supplies subsea HPU units to control x-mas trees in production mode, for workover operations, and for intervention operations. Our Contingency SHPU will get the wells back in production within weeks, instead of waiting for a new replacement umbilical that normally takes between 2-3 years from the day the umbilical fails until the wells are back in production.

The Contingency SHPU will fit all x-mas trees independent of supplier and control system. It is prepared for low pressure and high pressure (chemical is optional). One unit can operate several x-mas trees or manifolds. The Contingency SHPU is ready to be mobilized from Stavanger Norway ASAP in case the need is there, and can be stored, shipped and installed in arctic climate.



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Cold Climate & Harsh Environment

Cold Climate & Harsh Environment

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Torfinn Borsheim
Managing Director
Cold Climate & Harsh Environment

Cold Climate & Harsh Environment

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