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Ocean Visuals has developed integrated solutions for real-time detection of oil spills in marine environment. ELF OWL™ is an extremely small HLIF LiDAR made to fit on an RPAS with a size of only 25x30x37 cm, weighing 22 kg and with measurement range of 100-150 meter. The detector is weatherized to withstand harsh weather such as extreme cold and is well suited for arctic conditions.

ELF OWL™ is capable of detecting submerged oil in the water column. As oil is intrinsically fluorescent and emits light in blue-green spectral range when illuminated by UV light, the oil is easily distinguished from other substances in the water. ELF OWL™ can “fingerprint” the sample and thus receive an accurate identification of oil category and type (crude oil, hydraulic oil etc.) in real-time in flight.



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Cold Climate & Harsh Environment

Cold Climate & Harsh Environment

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Cold Climate & Harsh Environment

Cold Climate & Harsh Environment

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