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Enify is a workflow management software for structuring the way you and you’re team work with information. It’s built for the end-user to easily access, structure and visually integrate information between or within systems. Its flexible in use and built for you to grow step by step. Solutions built with Enify gives your people more time to do their work. The software product has proven records of helping enterprises with complex scenarios on structuring and simplify the way they work with information daily.

Examples of customer solutions: Execution/standardization of tasks, one person multiple roles, facilitate meetings, Control of content on information screens, multiple windows in an application, Simplify onboarding and deployment of new systems, Virtual/remote Operations Center.



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Astrid Torsteinson
VP Marketing
Mob +47 55 92 57 50 / +47 98 60 74 84
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Ådne Tveit
VP, Sales
Mob +4795207231

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