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Sales Manager Offshore

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Fiber rope: Dextron®12 Plus made with Dyneema® fiber


OTS is a leading manufacturer of synthetic fiber ropes for all marine segments, including oil and gas both offshore and onshore. Our rope solutions are mainly manufactured from Dyneema® HMPE fiber and can be fitted with our patented OTS Protective Jacket™. This adds further protection from abrasion, more than any other existing solution, and increases lifetime significantly. Our patent is currently used for the Aasta Hansteen platform’s mooring lines.

Our Dextron®12 Plus solutions have no water absorption, excellent acid/chemical resistance, floats on water and can be delivered in HiViz colors with reflective tape. This is relevant for operations in arctic regions with limited daylight.

OTS’ solutions give significant weight reductions compared to traditional steel wire.

Catalog: Cold Climate & Harsh Environment
Category: Offshore installation and maritime operations
Subcategory: Other
Type: Product
Technology readiness level (TRL)
According to API RP 17N

TRL 7: Proven technology integrated into intended operating system. The technology has successfully operated with acceptable performance and reliability within the predefined criteria

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