Audun Røyset

Sales Manager Offshore

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Heavy lifting fiber rope devices


OTS is a leading manufacturer of synthetic fiber ropes for all marine segments, including oil and gas both offshore and onshore. Our heavy lifting fiber rope solutions, made to the clients specifications and needs, can be delivered in HiViz colors and with reflective tape. This increases the safety level during lifting operations in arctic areas with limited or little daylight.

OTS’ heavy lifting fiber rope allows operators to carry the same length of rope at only 15% of the weight. This increases stability of the vessel and decreases fuel consumption, allowing the vessels to operate with greater flexibility.

Catalog: Cold Climate & Harsh Environment
Category: Offshore installation and maritime operations
Subcategory: Topside, subsea and offloading installation and towing services
Type: Product
Technology readiness level (TRL)
According to API RP 17N

TRL 1: Concept demonstrated. Basic functionality demonstrated by analysis, reference to features shared with existing technology or through testing on individual subcomponents/subsystems. Shall show that the technology is likely to meet specified objectives with additional testing

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