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Offshore HVDC converter stations (or converter platforms) is a specialized substation installed on far from shore wind farms.
The HVDC platform collects the power generated from the wind turbines and forms the terminal equipment for a high-voltage direct current transmission lines onshore.
This process generates heat and to ensure uninterrupted operation, it is important that sensible equipment have the correct working environment. The platforms are unmanned and designed for few maintenance campaigns and possibilities for remote monitoring of the equipment performance. Teknotherm have been performing engineering work and equipment supply for several projects with various HVDC providers (ABB, Siemens etc), developing solutions that consider all above including cost of operation.



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Offshore Wind

Offshore Wind

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Sten Rath
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Offshore Wind

Offshore Wind

Topsides, Floaters and Onshore plants

Topsides, Floaters and Onshore plants

Per Hagen
Regional Director Australia, Azerbaijan, China and Southeast Asia
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