About MudCube

MudCube is the first compact and lightweight solids control system for all type of drilling fluids, eliminating the traditional process of shaking fluid and solids. The MudCube primary solids control technology separates solids and liquid differently from the traditional type of high G-forces vibrating shale shakers. It uses a combination of high air flow and vacuum to separate all types of drilling fluids from drilled solids. This results in reduced noise and vibration, and reduced oil-vapor and oil-mist.

MudCube has unique integrated ventilation that allows for customized design for closed and winterized drilling units in arctic conditions. Compared to traditional shakers, the MudCube has a similar footprint, significantly less weight, and reduces the loss of drilling fluid.



Technology readiness level (TRL) (According to API RP 17N)

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Cold Climate & Harsh Environment

Cold Climate & Harsh Environment


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