About Oil spill containment booms for arctic conditions

NorLense containment booms are temporary floating barriers used to contain an oil spill. Our offshore booms are made to meet rough weather conditions on open sea. The construction of the boom with no longitudinal stiff elements provide extreme wave conformity and the best results possible when it comes to stopping and holding spilled oil.

Rapid mobilization and recovery with a minimum of personnel is essential when operating in arctic areas, where the weather conditions can change in minutes. With our system, one person can deploy 400 m of the worlds largest offshore oil boom within 20 minutes.

NorLense original oil containment boom with automatic inflation ensure safe working conditions for your personnel. In the NOFO Oil-On-Water tests, over 90% of the spilled oil was recovered.



Technology readiness level (TRL) (According to API RP 17N)

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Cold Climate & Harsh Environment

Cold Climate & Harsh Environment


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