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HydraWell are the inventors of PWC® (perf, wash and cement) and owns several patents regarding this technology. The PWC® method replaces section milling for annulus remediation in several well abandonment applications including, but not limited to;
P&A, Slot Recovery, Casing Shoe Repair, Annulus Pressure Remediation

The method is run as a 1-trip system where a perf device (high shot density TCP guns) is run below the PWC® assembly to the planned plug depth. Guns are fired to create access to annulus for the washing operation to commence. Fresh wash fluid is jetted into the annulus before the subsequent cement job is done, leaving a uniform 360-deg cement plug in the area.

This operation reduces the time to remediate a wellbore from 5-15 days with section milling down to 2 days with PWC®.



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