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TechnipFMC is a global leader in oil and gas projects, technologies, systems, and services. We provide our clients expertise across subsea, onshore/offshore and surface projects.

Yamal LNG is an integrated project encompassing natural gas production, liquefaction and shipping. It is the world’s largest modularized LNG project with an output capacity of around 16.5 million tons per year. TechnipFMC were in charge of EP, fabrication, transportation, installation, hook-up at site, pre-com and com up to certain start-up activities of utilities, and the three train including jetty.

With these services, TechnipFMC has extensive experience from projects in cold and harsh environment. The Yamal LNG site is designed to operate during 300 days of ice per year and temperatures of almost -60°C.



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Cold Climate & Harsh Environment

Cold Climate & Harsh Environment


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Company contact

Nicole Donnelly
Marketing and Communications
Cold Climate & Harsh Environment

Cold Climate & Harsh Environment

Subsea Systems and Services

Subsea Systems and Services

Per Hagen
Regional Director Australia, Azerbaijan, China and Southeast Asia
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